Welcome to Out of the Board Room

Hi and welcome to my new blog, Out of the Board Room. As some of you know, I have been the President then CEO of a technology company for over a decade. During those years I tabled many of my other passions and interests.  I have such an array of interests and views of the world, that I want to share with everyone! I hope to achieve an interactive blog where we comment on topics like the financial crises and Madonna’s man troubles, and everything in between. I’ll be updating this blog regularly especially with the happenings of my upcoming TV Show, Album, and TWO books. See, I do have a life out of the board room. Look forward to meeting new people in the blogosphere.


Ok, its been quite sometime, things have come full circle…no longer running the company… that has been a huge adjustment. Company doing better than I thought , neleadership..suppose that is how I measure my own success, on how well I  can transition … now Chairman of the board; the embassador, I will begin posting… keeping everyone appraise, this foreum is about out of the board room, re-invention, to be all that you can be..

Fair and Balanced?

We all know that’s not true, but we’re hear to talk Neilson, and, wow, Fox News is killing it in the ratings. CNN has completely flatlined as they’ve tried to be moderates, and MSNBC has improved mainly by snagging those who had previously embraced what they thought would always be a Clinton News Networkesque channel. So what is? The partisan politics, the partisan personalities (you don’t get more polar opposite than Hannity and Matthews), or perhaps a good cocktail of both. How do you think the Obama as “socialist” or Geithner as “tax cheat” compares to what we’ve heard about Bush the past eight years; okay, make that the past five years –2000-2003 weren’t that bad, were they?fox-news

Iowa, Iowa, Iowa.

What does everyone think about yesterday’s big Iowa ruling? Of course, opponents will try to overturn the ruling with the next public vote, the results of which would not go into effect until 2012. It’s interesting to contemplate how the people will vote, especially when comparing to California. On the one hand, Iowa is traditionally more conservative than CA., yet the overturning of Prop 8 was supposedly influenced by the vast cultural differences in the Golden State, a dichotomy predominantly white Iowa is lacking.

One thing is for certain – the myriad of opposition groups out there have their checkbooks ready to go.

Michelle Obama abroad

Isn’t it great watching a cool, stoic Michelle tower over (insert stuffy British music) the Queen? Michelle’s fashion is being dissected beyond belief, and in the spirit of not remianing on the sidelines, I’d like to focus on her shoes, the stems of them anyhow. The fact that the 5’11 Obama is regularly wearing two or three inch heels is an inspirarion to those women unchallanged by height. I cannot express how many very tall women I know who feel confined to flats, no matter what. They have previosuly responded to the generic “Wow, you are tall” comments with an annoyed acknowledgment; well, in part to Michelle, these same women can now comfortably reply ” Damn straight, I’m tall!”

Millionaire Matchmaker

Patti and her crew

Patti and her crew

My TV producer, Melissa, among others has told me I had to watch this Matchmaker show on Bravo.   I finally bit the dust and OH MY GOD, what craziness.  The premisis is basically rich men in their middle ages (and many older than that) “hire” the host, Patti to set up a mixer with a variety of women.  Okay doesn’t sound horrible, well….most of these men are the biggest pigs you’ll meet, with no manners and no respect for women; after all, there’s a reason why they’re single.  But the kicker is most of the guys have rules about only dating women in their 20’s.  Cool if you’re 30 or 35, but 50, 55?   And these women come on casting sessions where Patti might tell them things such as “if you don’t lose ten pounds by the mixer, I will ruin you” or give the girl a slow-mo lookover and just unequivocally declare “NO” right to her face.  Patti is equally harsh to the men, suggesting style changes or in a recent episode or mandating an etiquette class.  

While aspects disgust me, I have to admit it’s becoming a bit of a guilty pleasure.  Who else has seen it?

Check it out…

Here are my new va-va voom pics…

I’m baaaack

What a couple of months it’s been!  I’ve been working diligently on my upcoming album release.  More details as the date approaches, but I can wholeheatedly say: it’s going to be hot, hot, hot! 

I’m about to shoot a pilot in New York City for my TV show, “The New Face of America.” Sure, the TV pilot world is pretty low key these days with the recession and all, but this show is going to be a must-pick up.  I’ll be giving bits and pieces about the show as we go along, and I’ll certainly let you know how the pilot goes.  Can’t wait!!

In addition, I may be single-handedly keeping certain airlines out of Chapter 7.  My weeks has been spent shuttling around from D.C. to New York to Boston and to Puerto Rico.  It’s non-stop, always on the go.

Now that life has stabilized a bit, I’ll be blogging on a regular basis.  Stay tuned for my updates; they’ll be coming at you fast!